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One word describes the patented design and overall performance of a Flats® Cat....UNBELIEVABLE. There are a few copy "cats" out there that claim shallow water performance, but there's only one true
Flats® Cat. Flats® Cat is the FIRST and ORIGINAL catamaran flats boat.

Demo ride one and you will become a true believer.

Check out our Performance Video section.
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Flats® Cat fishing boats are the smoothest, driest, and shallowest fishing boats available. The Flats® Cat's catamaran hulls provide an extremely stable fishing platform while at rest, and a stable, dry craft while at speed.

Our Performance page is filled with many animated demonstrations and videos that explain all of the concepts regarding the patented hull design of the Flats® Cat.

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Flats®Cat 21'
Flats®Cat 18'6"
Flats®Cat 17'

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