Flats Cat Fishing Boat

Flats cat fishing boats, also known as shallow water catamarans, are designed for fishing in shallow waters. These boats are designed with a flat bottom and wide beam. They are also vary shallow draft, which allows them to navigate through shallow waters with ease.

One of the benefits of flats cat fishing boats is their stability. Because of their wide beam, they are less prone to rocking and rolling, making them a comfortable choice for anglers. They also tend to be lightweight, which makes them easy to transport and launch from the shore or a ramp.

Flats Cat fishing boats are the smoothest, driest, and shallowest fishing boats available. The Flats Cat's catamaran hulls provide an extremely stable fishing platform while at rest, and a dry craft at full speed.

One word describes the patented design and overall performance of a Flats Cat....UNBELIEVABLE. There are a few copy "cats" out there that claim shallow water performance, but there's only one true Flats Cat. Flats Cat is the FIRST and ORIGINAL catamaran flats boat.

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  • Shallow Water Flats Boat
  • Catamaran Flats Boat

Flats cat fishing boats are often outfitted with a variety of features to enhance the fishing experience. These may include a casting platform, livewell, rod holders, and storage compartments for gear and bait.

Flats cat fishing boats are a popular choice for anglers who enjoy targeting shallow water species such as redfish, trout, and bass. They are also a great option for those who prefer to fish in areas with limited access, such as shallow creeks and backwaters. Whether you are an experienced angler or just starting out, a flats cat fishing boat can provide a comfortable and enjoyable fishing experience.

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Flats Cat Shallow Draft Boats

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